The high hidden costs of going rogue.

A large managed care company was experiencing multiple, on-going, inter-departmental turf battles that were beginning to damage the external credibility of the organization. It was a perfect example of data silos run amuck. The clinical, finance, sales, actuarial, claims and IT departments all had their own teams of analysts and IT staff generating their own reports, using their own datasets from their own systems, with their own definitions.

So, let me get this straight…

In 2012 I was introduced to the CEO of the mortgage division of one of the ten largest banks in the US. For this story, I’ll call him Tom. Eighteen months prior the division had launched what was considered a strategically vital data warehouse and reporting initiative under the auspices of a team of PhD economists.

It’s not the vendor. It’s you!

A startup electronics manufacturer needed a pipeline tracking and forecasting system for their sales network. Management was convinced it was a straight-forward process that should be easy to automate. They hired a local consultant to customize an off-the-shelf CRM platform to give them visibility into the pipeline of each rep and customer.