Why Do IT Project Teams Constantly Forget Critical Details?

Because that’s the way humans are hard-wired.  In the last article I explained that 3/4ths of all technology enabled business project (aka IT project) failures were due to the fact that the business team never fully communicates to the tech team what it is that the new system needs to do and why it needs to do it. This results in […]

The Big Problem and Dirty Little Secret with IT Projects is What We Never Say

I came across a WSJ article a couple of weeks ago that’s haunted me since I read it. It was a piece about the shift in company attitudes from “grow at all costs” to “we’ve got to get operationally efficient.” The authors report that the primary driver behind this shift—which came as no surprise—is the […]

Our Brain Is the Biggest IT Project Killer

In December, 2022 the Project Management Institute held their Global Summit Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is one of the roughly 25 out of 250+ presentations that were featured live. It’s widely known that IT projects fail at an alarming rate. What’s not widely known is that the cause of 75% of those failures is our inability to communicate. What’s even less well known is that the cause of that inability is the human brain. This presentation explains how and why our brain sabotages our communications, and offers a simple way to fix that problem.

The Silence is Killing Us – IIBA Presentation

70% of enterprise IT projects, and 95% of those over a million dollars, fail. 75% of those failures are caused by one critical oversight—that nobody knows they’re making—the business never fully communicates to the tech team what the business is trying to do.

State of the CIO Podcast with Dan Kelly

On today’s episode of State of the CIO, we have David Burrill joining us. Dave shares so many great insights for avoiding IT failures. He shares his experiences with IT failures including common problems like communication and processes and how proper questioning can eliminate these problems.

One Enterprise IT Project Checklist Every Virtual Team Needs Now!

Covid-19 is rattling nerves, up-ending lives and sparking a huge expansion of the virtual workplace. For those contemplating or in the midst of sponsoring enterprise IT projects this is going to significantly expand the communication and execution challenges standing in the way of your success.

The Elephant in the IT Conference Room

We’re not very good at it. In fact, playing Russian Roulette with five bullets in the gun (five out of six) actually has better odds of success than running a large IT project.
Almost everyone in the industry has, at least some inkling, that this problem exists. But as with death, and such other unpleasantries, we don’t like to talk about it too much. It makes us uncomfortable.

The Costs and Primary Cause of Enterprise IT Project Failures

Having initiated a discussion during my last post about the frequency of enterprise IT project failures, it’s time to address two other parameters of this issue. I’ll start by looking at the annual cost of these failures and conclude today with an introduction to their primary point of origin.