Quickly. We can only move as fast as you do, but if you take our questions seriously, and answer them promptly, we’ll know within a couple of days whether we can help you. No multi-week discovery sessions. If we can’t help you, we’ll tell you and we’ll leave.

Alternatively, if we think we can help, we’ll lay out next steps to unearth and document the execution strategy of your business or the specific business process in question. At first glance many will feel that such work is unnecessary—that they’ve already got that documentation under control. But by the end, they’re usually amazed at the critical details that are surfaced that they had completely overlooked. (Click here and here for a couple of great examples of what two clients missed.) If you decide to proceed, this next phase usually takes no more than 2-3 weeks (elapsed time) per process—again, assuming your organization (or team) is engaged and responds promptly.

Where things go from here can vary depending upon your specific organization and engagement, but the model of short, discrete phases with tangible deliverables at the end of each phase is the model for how we like to work. We don’t believe in endless engagements. We’re not here to do things for you. We’re here to teach you how to do what we do and then move on. We’ll always be available to provide coaching or answer questions if you need help, but we’re talking about your business, not ours. Only you and your team can execute your mission.