We help companies avoid and fix the problem that causes 70% of IT projects to fail.

We help IT departments realize their potential as the biggest accelerators of a business.

IT has one job—improving the businesses ability to deliver.
IT can’t do that job if they don’t fully understand what the business is trying to do.
Whether it’s in a project or daily operations, that lack of understanding happens all the time.

The problem isn’t that the business and IT don’t talk.
The problem is all the things the business forgets to share, all the questions IT forgets to asks, and all the assumptions both forget to confirm.

Neuroscientists have recently discovered that “forgetting” isn’t an accident—humans are literally hard-wired to behave this way.
It turns out that the obstacle blocking effective business-IT communications is us!

When you encounter an obstacle in engineering, you don’t get mad at the obstacle for being there.
You deal with the issue and figure out a way around it.

We’ve found a way around this obstacle. Our mission is to share it.