A Tech Team That Knows How to Bridge Business & IT

If 10,000 hours practicing your craft makes you an expert, what do you call a team with 500,000?

Alynne Douglass

Santa Margarita, Spain

There’s a big difference between efficiently executing a tech initiative in a confined environment and executing efficiently on a national or global scale. Alynne excels at finding and removing impediments and optimizing the efficiencies of software solutions to accelerate their rollout and successful adoption across large, distributed audiences.

Alynne is a senior executive who began her career at Rockwell International becoming the youngest person ever to run the General Aviation Division, heading worldwide service operations. She moved into software in 1990 and has held senior leadership roles in marketing, sales, and strategic alliances. She was part of the leadership team that grew revenues for Lawson Software from $35 to $350 million in five years and has grown other multi-million dollar consulting practices since. Her most recent business consulting firm, Trendspotters, specialized in helping Fortune 100 clients identify and execute on strategic opportunities to expand markets and fix operational issues to increase profits and efficiencies. Using her methodology, one of the largest US banks and financial services company saved over $21 million in less than 18 months.

She holds a BA in International Studies from Southern Nazarene University. She serves on the board of an international non-profit organization and lives on the south coast of Spain overlooking Gibraltar and the Mediterranean with her husband and two adorable dogs.