A Tech Team That Knows How to Bridge Business & IT

If 10,000 hours practicing your craft makes you an expert, what do you call a team with 500,000?

John Fisher

Chicago, Illinois

Business is all about people. We’ve all heard it, but few companies actually embody that ideal. Too often the next shiny object gets more attention than the people charged with executing the mission. When helping companies transform—whether negotiating sustainable agreements or developing next-gen leaders—John excels at getting the right people engaged, aligned, informed and empowered.

John is a nationally recognized senior IT executive with global experience who has successfully led IT operations in Fortune 500 and SMB organizations. He’s managed P&L’s for multiple departments including IT within a professional services BPO organization. He has decades of experience as a CIO for three CEO’s and four sets of owners. He’s worked in banking, insurance, professional services, non-profit, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare and education.

His track record includes financial and performance turnarounds of failing IT departments, significant reduction in run rates, improvements in the relationship and success factors with strategic suppliers, facilitation of the decision process for technology selection, development of high-performing teams and bridging the gap between technology and business units. He has a Master’s in Computer Science from DePaul University where he is an adjunct faculty member. He teaches graduate courses in IT, social media, leadership, negotiation and project management, and lives on a farm outside of Chicago.